Aftermath: Forget The “Celebrity Story Of The Moment,” Hillary Tells Greta — “Don’t Get Diverted From This Story”

By Brian 

> Update: 11:12pm: On Tuesday night, Greta will be live in New Orleans…

Earlier today, Greta Van Susteren asked Sen. Hillary Clinton what the media can do in this disaster:

“I think the media’s done a good job over the last seven, eight days. I think that you have brought home to America and the world the enormity of the suffering and the loss that has happened. And stay with it — don’t get diverted from this story. This is something that will take months and years even to define and analyze. The media can’t just go to another story, and maybe now there’s a seriousness and a purpose that really gives the media a chance to [dismiss] the celebrity stories of the moment…”

Clinton urged viewers and reporters to avoid disaster fatigue, “because we have a lot ahead of us…”