Aftermath: CNN’s Anderson Cooper Doesn’t Want To Go Home

By Brian 

“CNN needs to get Anderson Cooper out of the Gulf, at least for a few days,” a TVNewser contributor e-mails. “Two bits from last night’s Nancy Grace:”

After Grace interviewed a woman searching for missing relatives, who said she didn’t know whether her home was still standing:

  COOPER: You know, I was listening to Ms. Boyd’s story, and there are so many stories like it. You know, if she’ll give your producers the address of her house, I can try to take a boat out there tomorrow. You know, I don’t have much time, but I can try to get a boat out, if you can let me know the address, and I can check on it.

And then later:

  GRACE: Anderson, when are you coming home?

COOPER: To be honest, Nancy, I don’t want to come home. I don’t want to leave this city. I don’t want to leave this area. I just– I can’t believe what’s going on here and I just see no reason to come back. I mean– yeah.

Here’s the transcript…