After Making TV Rounds, Carlos Watson Settles in at MSNBC, For Now

By Chris Ariens 

The NYDaily News talks with Carlos Watson, who has been anchoring on MSNBC lately.

For the past few years, Watson has appeared as an analyst/pundit/host on Fox News, CNN and CNBC. And, at 39, TV is his third career. “I first spent time in politics, managing campaigns. Then, after a brief stint in grad school, I went into the business world. First, for a big company. Then I started my own company,” he tells the Daily News.

As for his anchor-prep, no source is off limits. “[F]or this new generation, I like to call it the Obama generation, I think that everything is fair game, from The New York Times to Perez Hilton. You can’t really serve the Obama generation if you’re Johnny One-Note, you’ve got to be able to flow from ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ to ‘Countdown With Keith Olbermann’ to ‘Entourage.'”


Watson has been anchoring alongside Contessa Brewer during dayside hours. “There’s a whole wave of young anchors now,” Watson says. “A friend of mine joked, calling it the A.R.C. of anchors. There’s Anderson [Cooper], there’s Rachel [Maddow] and there’s Carlos. I don’t know if I’ve earned that yet, but I think it’s impressive what those two have accomplished.”