After Insecticide Was Sprayed At Fox News, “I Woke Up Almost Unable To Move, Coughing And Sniffling,” Employee Says

By Brian 

Several TVNewser readers have written in to corroborate Friday’s report that Fox News employees fell ill following the spraying of an insecticide called diazinon. (It was banned by the EPA for indoor use five years ago.)

While the employees are reluctant to go on the record, they suggest that the spraying was not an isolated incident. “Many others at FNC have suffered from this situation,” one e-mailer said. The e-mail says:

 “I work at Fox News Channel, and I’d like to state for the record that the management is lying when they say that the OSHA complaint is an isolated incident. While some of us who have been affected may not have made a formal complaint with OSHA, we have complained to management.

I was sick in bed for three days about a year and a half ago after being forced to work in an enclosed environment that had just been sprayed with incecticide. (And I mean JUST sprayed, as in I waited outside while they brought their incecticide inside and sprayed the hell out of the place.) The next day I woke up almost unable to move, coughing and sniffling.

I remained in bed for three days. When I went back to work I was still coughing and sniffling, and mentioned to my manager that I became sick from the insecticide.

This was not written up. When roaches were spotted three months later, the same incecticide was brought out. I asked them to please spray after I had left for the day and they complied.”
> Also: “I have sat in the tech lounge when it has been sprayed,” an anonymous tipster writes. “This story explains why I have headaches for the past several months too. Now I can tell my doctor and see if the spraying was the cause.”