After Al Jazeera Acquisition, The Future of Current TV Hosts Up In The Air

By Alex Weprin 

With Al Jazeera’s purchase of Current TV complete, speculation has turned to what it means for Current’s lineup of hosts.

So far, only one on-air personality has announced their plans. Jennifer Granholm, who hosts “The War Room.” will continue on for a little while more before leaving the network in the Spring.

“We’ll continue to broadcast The War Room for the next few weeks through the transition, but after that I’ll be going back to teaching, speaking and other things,” Granholm wrote on Facebook.

In a video on The Young Turks YouTube channel, Cenk Uygur says that he hopes to continue hosting the TV program of the same name on the new Al Jazeera network, but that it isn’t clear whether the new owners will want to keep the show.

“It is an interesting question, and one which I do not have the answers to,” Uygur said. Regardless of what happens, he says The Young Turks will always be on their original YouTube channel.

Joy Behar spoke about the acquisition on “The Tonight Show.” “So Osama Bin laden is your new boss?” Jay Leno quipped.

“To me it is like, Al Gore, Al Jazeera Al Pacino, it is all the same to me,” Behar responded, indicating (albeit jokingly, that she was open to staying.

Eliot Spitzer has remained silent on the matter, and it isn’t clear whether he would want to continue under Al Jazeera, given his alleged future political ambitions.

For now, it sounds like the show will go on. Come Spring, however, the network should expect some changes.