After a Career As a TV News Anchor, What Gretchen Carlson Has Learned As a TV News Viewer

By A.J. Katz 

Gretchen Carlson is looking forward to getting back on TV, but first she’s got a book to promote and a cause to advocate for.

“I’ve been an incredibly hard worker my entire life, so yes, once I get through this, I’m planning on going back to TV,” Carlson told us Tuesday just before her appearance at New York Advertising Week where she participated in a panel discussion called Fierce, Fearless and Female.

Carlson’s departure from Fox News in June 2016 set off a chain reaction that upended America’s most-watched cable network. Despite the internal strife, however, the channel still ranks at the top

Adweek has the full Q&A, but in this excerpt, Carlson tells us what it’s been like to be a TV news viewer, rather than a TV news anchor:

“It’s been fascinating for me over the last year to look across all different venues. I think when you work at one entity, you’re there all day long and you tend to only focus on that. My greatest advice is to not only watch what you want to hear, but to watch something different at least once a day, and to look at a world in a little bit of different perspective. You don’t have to agree, but I think that would be helpful in trying to bring us together. I’ve really enjoyed watching all of my former competition! It’s been really great to learn more about all of those broadcasters, and I’ve developed appreciation for all of them. It’s been interesting to sample it. I think also that cable news has tough decisions to make because you have the conservative, then the liberal, then the middle road. I’m wondering for the middle road people, what do they turn to?”