AC360 @ 11ET

By Chris Ariens 

>Update on this earlier post: CNN spokesperson Christa Robinson emailed TVNewser with the following: “Today’s Variety story about Anderson Cooper 360 is flat wrong. AC360 continues to be a two hour program from 10 to midnight. At 11pm, Anderson reports live for 10-15 minutes and stays live as news warrants.”

Robinson continues, “Anderson Cooper anchors more live programming than any other evening news anchor and CNN offers more live programming than any other network in prime time so it is curious why Variety finds the format of the show newsworthy.”

Variety‘s Michael Learmonth had reported “CNN is permanently shifting to taped programming for the second hour of Anderson Cooper 360.”


Learmonth also writes “insiders say the net has been weighing a return to a repeat of Lou Dobbs Tonight, or as some suggest, airing a repeat of Campbell Brown‘s new show which will be launched in November,” Learmonth writes.