Abrams Puts His Balls on the Table — Almost Literally (Okay, Only “Kind Of”)

By Brian 

Fishtern Jamie Frevele writes in:

Last year, Dan Abrams revealed that in 2003, he was diagnosed with and overcame testicular cancer. Just as Abrams returned to work, Sean Kimerling, a fellow emerging newsman, the same age, with the same agent, living in the same city, died of the very same disease. Wednesday night, Abrams continued his duty as a reluctant volunteer (nice use of oxymorons, right?) as he broadcast this edition of MSNBC’s “The Abrams Report” live from Bethpage, NY on Long Island where the Sean Kimerling Foundation held its 2nd Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament. He paid tribute to Kimerling during his ‘Closing Argument’ segment.

I wrote last week about what a gift it was for Peter Jennings to have shared his cancer battle with the public, and Dan Abrams is no different. Fortunately, Abrams was able to win his battle and encourage awareness and prevention. Keith Olbermann’s ‘I Quit’ Crusade runs through the same artery — taking something that struck them so deeply and spreading the word to others. (Much like arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the heart…I don’t know if that’s incredibly hokey or incredibly clever.)

But apparently, some geniuses thought to seat Abrams facing the camera and the West, since he was squinting the entire time. Some shades may not have been the best idea, but someone should have cut ‘Squints’ Abrams some slack and faced him away from the setting evening sun. Thank you, Dan Abrams, for a squinty and truly touching broadcast.