About Tuesday Night at 30 Rock…

By SteveK 

Jossip writes about a blow-up Tuesday night between MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and David Gregory during primary coverage. An MSNBC insider tells us the story is off base. “As usual, Jossip is trying to create conflict where there is none,” the insider said.

Just before 10pmET, as Gregory’s Race for the White House panel discussed the Clinton win, Olbermann could be heard pounding his fist on the anchor desk (loud enough that Pat Buchanan turned around, mid-sentence). Gregory then quickly tossed back to Olbermann.

A source who was in the control room Tuesday night tells us Olbermann was actually trying to get the attention of the floor director, so he could get to a commercial break, and be back with live coverage at the top of the hour:

Related: On the 7pmET edition of Hardball last night, Pat Buchanan, Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell had a heated discussion regarding Buchanan’s claim that the tone of the Tuesday primary coverage on MSNBC made West Virginians out to be poor and racist. Click continued for a clip from last night’s Hardball…