ABC’s Roberts: “I Have Breast Cancer”

By Chris Ariens 

An emotional Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts has just announced that she has breast cancer. Roberts told viewers she “will have surgery on Friday” and then continue treatment. It was the death of Joel Siegel that prompted Roberts to perform a breast self-exam.

“The day we had the tribute to Joel Siegel, that very night I found a lump, normally I would not have done anything, but Joel was resonating in my heart,” said Roberts.

“It’s surreal” said Roberts about the experience. With Diane Sawyer at her side, who Roberts called “my Thelma,” Roberts said she will continue to “get up, I will say ‘Good Morning America’, (so) be nice to me on the message board…”


“There is a wonderful community out there, that wants to share, once you are diagnosed you are a survivor.”

>Here is the video from this morning…

>Click continued to read the note from GMA Senior EP Jim Murphy

Good morning everyone.

This morning our dear colleague and friend, Robin, has a personal
announcement to make on Good Morning America. It involves her health.
She has been wanting to share this news with all of her friends and
colleagues here for several days but wanted to make sure she knew
everything she was facing and could also share it with the public at the same time. So at 7:30 Robin will be telling folks she has been diagnosed with an early stage breast cancer. Her prognosis is good. Her spirit, as always, is strong. Her composure and grace have been remarkable to experience since she received the news. Her treatment will begin this Friday. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.