ABC’s Rick Klein, Ex-Meet the Press EP Betsy Fischer Martin Among Bloomberg Government Event Attendees

By A.J. Katz 

The Bloomberg Government team threw an event Tuesday evening to celebrate the reopening of its doors in a new renovated space.

While the guests were mostly government officials, ABC News political director Rick Klein, former Meet the Press executive producer Betsy Fischer Martin and Washington Post Live ep (formerly Ronan Farrow’s ep at MSNBC) Kathy O’Hearn were among the guests with TV news roots.

ABC News Rick Klein and Jeremy Adler, fmr. Liz Cheney communications director


Kathy O’Hearn, former Ronan Farrow Daily ep and Executive Producer, Washington Post Live with BizBash David Adler

The guests were welcomed by CEO Josh Eastright and President Arielle Elliott. Bloomberg Government news director Angela Greiling Keane introduced Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Rohit Chopra, who gave a look ahead for the next year as well as BGov Congressional reporter Emily Wilkins and Jack Fitzpatrick.

Josh Eastright, CEO, Bloomberg Industry Group Rohit Chopra, Director Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Angela Greiling Keane, News Director, Bloomberg Government

In addition to Klein and the Martins, guests included Ambassadors Oksana Markarova of Ukraine, Luxembourg’s Nicole Bintner and Singapore Amb Ashok Kumar Mirpuri, DC Deputy Mayor John Falcicchio, Susana Castillo, Doug Jones, Jim Moran, Neil Bradley, Cesca Antonelli, Joel Johnson, Reggie Love, Michael Chertoff, Anita McBride, Jen Howard, Giuseppe Francis Lanzone, Tammy Haddad, Josh DawseyDavid Chavern, Carol Melton, Liz Johnson, Vince Evans, Jackie Rooney, Greg Babyak, David O’Brien, Samantha Dravis, Ted Johnson, Steve Clemons, Heather Podesta, Peggy Collins, Julissa Marenco, Eva McKend, Paige Hopkins, Francesca Chambers and Michael Moroney, Amanda Anderson, Zoraida Rodriguez and Winston Lord.

Ambassador Ashok Kumar Mirpuri (Singapore), Ambassador Oksana Markarova (Ukraine), Josh Eastright, CEO, Bloomberg Industry Group, Angela Greiling Keane, News Director, Bloomberg Government, Cesca Antonelli, Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg Industry Group