ABC’s Dan Abrams, HLN’s Nancy Grace Get Testy in ‘GMA’ Discussion of Casey Anthony Trial

By Alex Weprin 

ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams and HLN host Nancy Grace got into a heated–but cordial–debate on “Good Morning America” today while discussing the Casey Anthony trial.

Both Abrams and Grace are lawyers, though they come from very different backgrounds and points of view:

“You guys are talking about this like you are out driving your Porsche on Park Avenue and you are going to just shift gears and go into second gear,” Grace said. “It’s not like that!”

“Tell me how it works Nancy, I have been waiting to learn how it works,” Abrams responded. Grace and Abrams also debated the case on last night’s “Primetime Nightline” special.

(h/t Mediaite)