ABC’S Brian Ross, NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez to Go Before Judge For Court Violation

By Chris Ariens 

Media Scrum Outside Chicago's Federal Courthouse on Tuesday (Photo: Alissa Krinsky)

Media Scrum Outside Chicago’s Federal Courthouse on Tuesday (Photo: Alissa Krinsky)

ABC News correspondent Brian Ross and NBC News correspondent Gabe Gutierrez have been ordered to appear before a U.S. District Chief Judge next month following accusations they violated federal orders during their coverage of Dennis Hastert‘s arraignment Tuesday.

Gutierrez was detained briefly and fined $50 for failure to obey posted signs inside the Dirksen Federal Building. He walked backwards through a magnetometer while trying to question the former Speaker of the House following his court appearance.

Ross was cited for violating the general order prohibiting interviews anywhere other than in a roped-off media bullpen in the lobby.

TVNewser’s Alissa Krinsky interviewed Ross not long after Hastert arrived at the federal building amid a media frenzy.

The Chicago Tribune reports the judge could let them off with a warning, levy a larger fine or ban them from the courthouse.