ABC’s Bob Woodruff Brings VR Cameras to North Korea

By Mark Joyella 

ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff never imagined the powers that run the closed nation of North Korea would sign off on an American news crew carrying virtual reality cameras–not necessarily because of the images they produce, but simply for the space-age look of the equipment.

“There is no chance in hell that this government would allow us to bring in a virtual reality camera with 16 lenses pointed in almost every direction so that the world could see their capital of Pyongyang with 3-D, 360-degree video, which to them would look like a science fiction movie,” Woodruff said, ahead of the release of ABC’s VR project, Inside North Korea.

abc_390_degree_camera_er_3_151208_4x3_992Instead, the cameras were not only permitted–they were cleared for use at a military parade where North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un would be present.


“We could see in their eyes infatuation with this new device. They were more curious than afraid. They got this chance to learn something new in a country where smart, young people are getting more curious every time we visit.”