ABC To Announce “Interim Plans” For World News Tonight “In The Coming Days”

By Brian 

“Woodruff’s injuries and inevitable extended absence will likely force ABC News to bring another personality into World News Tonight to share the workload with Elizabeth Vargas,” Variety reported in today’s editions. “A decision on a replacement could be announced as early as today.”

But the announcement will come tomorrow at the earliest. “ABC is solely focused on the return of Bob Woodruff and Doug Vogt to the U.S. today,” ABC spokesperson Jeffrey Schneider told TVNewser today. “We will make our interim plans clear in the coming days. There is no timetable.” (My emphasis)

> Also: Schneider “declined to speculate about any interim plans ABC News had other than to say that Vargas would, as scheduled, anchor World News Tonight from Washington,” The Hollywood Reporter says. “Monday’s broadcast retained Vargas and Woodruff’s name on it. Schneider also said that the network would continue carrying out its plans for the show, including the three mostly live broadcasts and the daily webcasts. ABC News correspondent Dan Harris anchored Monday afternoon’s webcast.”