ABC News Refutes New York Post Story about Muir, Stephanopoulos Beef

By Brian Flood 

MuirThe New York Post has stirred up drama at NBC News and criticized CNN’s Ferguson coverage over the past few weeks. Now, it’s apparently ABC’s turn to defend itself to the tabloid paper.

ABC News has already dismissed the Post‘s story that “World news Tonight” anchor David Muir is “fuming” over fellow ABC newser George Stephanopoulos landing the first sit-down interview with former police officer Darren Wilson. ABC News issued a statement denying the behind-the-scenes drama reported by “Page Six.”

This is totally ridiculous. David and George are a great team. And David remains focused on the viewers, giving ‘World News Tonight’ its most competitive fall in 18 years.


“Page Six” describes Muir as frustrated that the Wilson interview went to his colleague, and it goes on to claim that Muir has “expressed frustration to ABC executives that he didn’t land the interview.” Other sources tell the Post that it wasn’t ABC’s decision to have Stephanopoulos do the interview and that Muir was “extremely complimentary to George.”

The Post also reports the same source says Muir  “has made it very clear to the suits that he doesn’t want to be just behind the desk reporting the news, he also wants to be in the field.” This is interesting, as Muir has already reported from the Syrian border, Cupertino, Atlanta, L.A., Boston, Bethlehem, Michigan and Indiana since taking the job on September 1.