ABC News Polls & Interviews Iraqis

By Brian 

ABC News will broadcast the “fourth installment of its award winning ‘Iraq: Where Things Stand’ series” next week, including the results of a nationwide poll of Iraqis. “The poll, done in conjunction with TIME Magazine, BBC, NHK and Der Spiegel, represents a rare and fascinating look at Iraqi views on the United States, the presence of coalition troops, the state of the country and their outlook on the future. At a time when U.S. public opinion on the war is mixed, this survey provides a true representation of Iraqi views on the issues that have so divided Americans.”

The poll, the second ABC News has conducted, is based on interviews with 1,711 Iraqis across the entire country. The field work was done by Oxford Research International.

In addition, ABC has partnered with the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR). ABC “producers interviewed and vetted twelve of their reporters, provided them with DV cameras, and dispatched them — in six teams of two — to points in the north, south and central parts of the country. These teams, along with ABC News correspondents and other Iraqi stringers, visited almost all of the main regions and cities in the country. In the course of this nationwide reporting, they traveled over 3000 miles, visited 12 provinces and interviewed more than a hundred Iraqis throughout the country. This reporting offers a broad sense of how Iraqis feel about their lives, about the country and about the future at a time when it’s very difficult for Western journalists to report in Iraq.”

> Elizabeth Vargas will co-anchor WNT from Iraq next week.