ABC News, Others Meet at Columbia to Strategize

By kevin 

For three years now, major figures in the news world have been attending the Punch Sulzberger News Media Executive Leadership Program at Columbia University where, according to a new NPR story, they have met with their competitors to navigate the changing terrain of their industry. With money and resources dwindling at many of American journalism’s mainstays, new strategies are continually being developed.

Having seen foreign coverage fall victim to widespread budget cuts around the industry, ABC News President David Westin became concerned with the future of international reporting:

“Ultimately, we want to put on good stories wherever they’re from — the most interesting, the most important stories we can find. But we have to find them. And I was worried that the cost of the major bureaus was getting in the way of our finding those good stories.”

According to the report, ABC adjusted to the changes by putting together a staff of “younger, less well-known reporters armed with light digital cameras” who “file stories and raw footage for the network’s newscasts, Webcasts, podcasts and radio affiliates from eight spots around the world where the network would otherwise have no presence.”

You can listen to the radio story after the jump.