ABC News Launches Preemptive Defense Of Martha Raddatz

By Alex Weprin 

The moderator for Thursday’s Vice Presidential debate is ABC News chief foreign correspondent Martha Raddatz.

According to Andrew Sullivan, conservative news site The Daily Caller is planning an article about Raddatz, in an apparent effort to discredit her before the debate. The site previously wrote a story about Raddatz back in August.

The gist of the alleged new story: Raddatz’s ex-husband is Julius Genachowski, the current FCC chairman and former Harvard Law classmate of President Obama. The “new” information is apparently that President Obama attended their wedding.


“Andrew Sullivan is a nutcase. Please quote me,” Daily Caller editor Tucker Carlson told TVNewser when asked if the site was working on a story. We will have to wait and see if the site is actually writing the item.

An ABC News spokesperson released a statement on the matter this afternoon, strongly dismissing the alleged claims.

“This is absurd. Martha Raddatz is known for her tough, fair reporting, which is why it was no surprise to her colleagues inside and outside ABC News that she was chosen by the Commission on Presidential Debates for this assignment. Barack Obama was a law school classmate of Raddatz’s ex-husband Julius Genachowski at Harvard. At the time Barack Obama was a student and president of the Law Review. He attended their wedding over two decades ago along with nearly the entire Law Review, many of whom went onto successful careers including some in the Bush administration. Raddatz and Mr. Genachowski divorced in 1997 and both are now remarried.”

Update: The Daily Caller story hit just after Midnight Wednesday morning.