ABC News’ David Muir: ‘We’re Just Getting Started’

By Mark Joyella 

For ABC’s David Muir, the 2016 presidential campaign season — Muir’s first in the anchor chair at World News Tonight — presents an opportunity to grab an edge over rival NBC Nightly News. “It’s important to signal to our viewers we’re going to be there every step of the way in this race,” Muir told TVNewser Tuesday.

For Muir, being there often means being there himself. Over the weekend, he flew to Wisconsin to get the first interview with Gov. Scott Walker on joining the fight for the Republican presidential nomination.

Last month, he took the newscast to Iowa to land an evening news exclusive with Gov. Jeb Bush. That trip was part of an intense week, with Muir flying from Iowa to Charleston to cover the church shooting, and leaving the country on Friday to report a story that has yet to air.


The following week, Muir anchored Good Morning America and World News Tonight, and one night anchored 20/20 as well — three shows in one very long day. Whether viewers expect to see Muir in a different city each night, or popping up on their TV at all hours of the day, the ratings are encouraging. Despite NBC’s Lester Holt giving Muir a run in the ratings in Holt’s first few weeks, ABC won the second quarter of 2015, its first Q2 win in viewers in 8 years.

“We’re just getting started,” Muir said.