ABC Is Keeping Diane Happy

By Brian 

“Give me a break with all the ‘seriousness’ talk about Diane’s interview with Syria’s president,” an industry tipster writes to TVNewser. “ABC insiders know the real agenda: She’s hellbent on finding some way to capture the high road after losing (or relinquishing) the World News anchor chair to Charles Gibson.

With Katie sitting on the CBS News throne and Charlie atop ABC’s perch, Diane is determined to remind a shrinking number of morning viewers that she’s a serious journalist too, regardless of whether they care about North Korea or Syria.

Diane’s camp can go on and on about her news chops and seriousness of purpose — but management’s agenda is transparent too. They just want to keep their golden-haired goose happy — whether she wants to go to Damascus or whether she wants to go to the Oscars. So the producers grit their teeth and let her go where she wants to go and do what she wants to do. Ratings be damned.

It may seem like it’s about serious journalism — but no one at GMA thinks its going to help the show catch #1 Today. Instead, it’s about keeping Diane on the show and at ABC.”