“Aaron Brown Was The Last Talented Anchor At CNN. This Is A True Shame”

By Brian 

Some e-mailer comments about the depressing loss of Aaron Brown:

> “Well damn. If Klein says Aaron is ‘eloquent’ and a ‘brilliant writer’ why would you get rid of him?!”

> “Aaron Brown was the last talented anchor at CNN. This is a true shame.”

> “Those of us who appreciated the original NewsNight — news for grownups — will miss Aaron, but not from what the show became. Does this departure lead to the anchor chair at ABC?”

> “I will miss Aaron Brown very much. I can’t believe CNN let him go. I thought he was an oasis of calm and intelligent wit in a sea of tabloid ‘news’ screamers. He let us know the news and why it mattered to us and didn’t exploit and sensationalize the news as if it were cheap and trivial. He cared, which is more than I can say about majority of anchors these days.”

> “CNN Primetime Lineup: White haired, white man Wolf, white haired white man Anderson, gray haired white man Larry, and blonde hair blue-eyed white woman Paula….Glad to see Jon Klein values diversity so much.”

> “Aaron Brown hinted last Wednesday while speaking at Hofstra University that changes were coming soon, saying that he was ready to write a new chapter in his life, but he also said that his agent was perfectly happy with this current chapter.” 

> “Great, now TWO overexposed, undertalented anchors at CNN — Wolf and Coop.”

> “What happened to ‘fire and ice?’ Hilarious.”