A Preview Of The TV Columns In Thursday Morning’s Newspapers

By Brian 


2. Sean McManus would not confirm or deny if Couric was his #1 choice.

3. But he said the next anchor of the CBS Evening News will “probably” come from outside the company!!!

4. But he said “no decision” has been made.

5. But he said he would probably not name a new anchor before May, when Couric’s contract expires!!!

6. But he wouldn’t even speak the name “KATIE COURIC.”

7. But he wouldn’t rule out someone who is credible that comes from outside the network newscast ranks — like a well-known morning show host!!!

8. But he said “the decision has not been made.”

9. But he said he might be willing to let “him or her” report for 60 Minutes!!!

(Information courtesy B&C and Reuters)