A “Curmudgeon’s” Message For The Cablers

By Chris Ariens 

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On the blog Capitol Hill Blue Robert Kezelis sums up his thoughts on the three cable news networks. Described as politically independent Kezelis “is a lawyer, sculptor and writing curmudgeon based south of Chicago.”

Forget about Fox. That station has no business even putting “News” in its title. MSNBC is hardly better. Chris Matthews is not just irritating, he has this bad habit of falling in love with a candidate on terms which are nothing less than ridiculous. Joe Scarborough does hard news in an unfortunate early morning format but is saved by a real journalist his cohort Mika [Brzezinski]. The evenings, beginning with Keith Olberman and Dan Abrams fare far better. They actually report details and stories. Once Tucker is put into his grave, this station may yet return to respectable news reporting. We shall see. CNN is the true disappointment. Not only has Wolf Blitzer taken a potentially useful format and turned it into Clinton-Lite, when they do decide to report on say, the campaign, they do such a lousy, surface only job, that you get the feeling that you just box a box of air. Polls, clothing, and gaffe discussions, but no substance. CNN no longer does journalism, it does entertainment.