A Bartiromo-Thain Non-Disclosure?

By SteveK 

CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo got the first exclusive interview with former Bank of America president John Thain on Monday. Today, Page Six questions why there was no disclosure given for the interview.

“[Bartiromo] and Thain both pay public relations guru Ken Sunshine to represent them, and he apparently helped set up the exclusive,” writes the New York Post.

“I’ve always thought that the guy has integrity,” said Bartiromo earlier in the day. Click here to see the full interview.

A CNBC spokesperson tells TVNewser, “There is no conflict and there is no surprise. Of course John Thain appeared first on CNBC.”

> Update: An insider close to the situation tells TVNewser Thain only hired Ken Sunshine this past Sunday and that Bartiromo had already booked Thain as a guest for her coverage from Davos this week. When Thain was fired last week the interview was moved up to this past Monday.

This morning we asked FBN’s Liz Claman during the “Menu” podcast her take on the non-disclosure. Click continued to hear her thoughts, including what she would have asked Thain (the discussion begins at about 9:00)…