’60 Minutes’ Producer Runs Marathon, Meets Deadline

By Brian Flood 

304NYC Marathon 2014

Credit: Andy Kiss

“60 Minutes” producer Coleman Cowan had a big weekend.

Not only did he run the NYC Marathon — in under three hours — he also worked to get a profile of Stanford University golf prodigy Mariah Stackhouse ready for tomorrow’s “60 Minutes Sports” on Showtime.

Cowan had a screening with EP Jeff Fager and executive editor Bill Owens this morning, leaving little room (or time) for error. When someone in the screening room mentioned Cowan’s impressive marathon time, Cowan had a simple reply: “That was the easy part.” Cowan’s story, a preview after the jump, was declared fit for air by Fager and Owens.

Cowan, who has run 23 long distance races, finished in 02:58:54, just a few seconds off his personal NYC best of 02:58:23 last year.