60 Minutes In Top 5 For The Week

By Brian 

For the first time this season, 60 Minutes finished “was one the five most-watched programs for the week” on Sunday, CBS notes.

The program “finished the week at number three in households (10.5/17) and number four in viewers (15.83m).”

60 Minutes has been in the top ten four times this season, but in the top five just once. Anderson Cooper made his ’60’ debut on the broadcast…

> Update: 3:05pm: “I hardly think Anderson Cooper’s ’60’ debut had anything to do with the ratings bump,” an e-mailer says. “In fact, I would suggest it had everything to do with the piece on Mixed-Martial Arts and Ultimate Fighting that concluded the broadcast. It is the fastest growing sport in America by leaps and bounds – CBS was wise to hop on the bandwagon…”

> Update: 3:21pm: “Despite your e-mailer’s comment, I tuned into 60 Minutes on Sunday specifically because of Anderson Cooper’s debut and the excellent report he turned in,” another person adds. “That martial arts piece held absolutely NO interest for me…”