5 Questions With… Jim Cramer

By Brian Flood 

CNBC’s Jim Cramer celebrated 10 years of “Mad Money” this week by ringing the opening bell on Wall Street and receiving a call from Apple CEO Tim Cook. Afterwards, he answered our 5 Questions about investing, enchiladas and his beloved Philadelphia Eagles.

TVNewser: Congrats on 10 years. How are you going to make it to 20?

Cramer: Diet and exercise! No, seriously, those plus hope that the team stays together so I can keep it together!

TVNewser: How has your show evolved over the last decade?

Cramer: It has gone from being a stock picking show to a market teaching show where I am trying to get people to understand how stocks work and how they can be used to save for the long term. Nothing much about trading… just about investing.

TVNewser: My dad watches you every night. What’s the next company that you’re going to get him all worked up about?

Cramer: He has to stay tuned! No one ever knows what companies we are going to talk about until they see the show!

TVNewser: I checked out the menu to your restaurant, Bar San Miguel, and I would get the Braised Short Rib Enchiladas. With Guacamole to start, obviously. What is your go-to meal there?

Cramer: I always have the short ribs tacos. I should vary because the skirt steak is so good and the empanadas but I am a short rib guy.

TVNewser: You’re known to be a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan. They’ve made some serious moves this offseason. [Eagles head coach] Chip Kelly is either crazy or a genius, but I can’t decide which one. What are your thoughts?

Cramer: I don’t want to second guess Chip. He got us in the playoffs the first year and the second year he would have if [former QB Nick] Foles hadn’t gotten hurt. I have to admit that I don’t understand a lot of his moves this offseason. But I am a fan and therefore hoping it comes together.

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