5 Questions For… Deborah Roberts

By Alissa Krinsky 

It’s back… “Five Questions”! In today’s edition, we thank ABC News Correspondent Deborah Roberts for answering our inquiries. Roberts grew up in Georgia as one of nine children, and graduated from the University of Georgia. Deborah Roberts is married to NBC’s Al Roker and has one son and one daughter.

1. TV Newser: Favorite city outside the U.S.:
Roberts: Paris, of course. Spent my honeymoon there.

2. TV Newser: Being one of nine children taught me…
Roberts: How to survive and be diplomatic while doing it.

3. TV Newser: I collect:
Roberts: Handbags. Okay, so the secret is out.

4. TV Newser: What I miss most about Georgia:
Roberts: Peach cobbler and fried chicken.

5. TV Newser: Best Movie Ever:
Roberts: Cinema Paradiso. (It’s about small town life and the characters within it.)