24.4 million Americans Watch World Cup Final; 700 Million Worldwide

By kevin 

Rough numbers have the audience for Sunday’s World Cup Final at 700 million. That’s the FIFA estimate for the global audience of the Spain-Netherlands game/brawl, which includes 15.6 million Spaniards and 8.5 million Dutch in their respective countries.

With the latest numbers, the U.S. broadcast drew 15,545,000 total viewers on ABC and 8,821,000 total viewers on Univision, the third-largest audience ever for a Spanish-language broadcast in this country. That’s a total of 24.4 million American viewers.

Meanwhile, we hear 650 CNN/Turner employees competed this weekend in the “Turner Cup” at the CNN Center and Turner Techwood campuses. (Thankfully, no one, to our knowledge, was kicked in the chest Mortal Kombat-style during the tournament.)

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