2015 TVNewser Bracket Challenge… Who’s In?

By Brian Flood 

The TVNewser Bracket Challenge is back for its 7th year as the 2015 NCAA college basketball tournament gets underway. Defending champion CNN meteorologist Chad Myers is back in it to win it, so is 2012 winner FBN’s Liz MacDonald and 2011 winner Dominc Chu — only this time Chu is on Team CNBC, having moved there from Bloomberg in 2013.

Interestingly, these three past winners are picking different teams to win it all this year: Myers is picking Kentucky, MacDonald selects Arizona, and Chu is going with Villanova.

Here’s who’s in. We’ll keep you updated on who’s leading throughout the tourney.

  • Team Al Jazeera America:

David Shuster, Anchor

  • Team ABC:

Danielle Rossen, EP, “What Would You Do?”

  • Team Bloomberg:

Ted Fine, Head of Programming

Olivia Sterns, Co-anchor, Bloomberg Surveillance

David Meyers, Senior Producer

Branden Asemah, Associate Producer

  • Team CBS News:

Greg Bracco, Broadcast Graphics

Scott Blass, Broadcast Graphics

  • Team CNBC:

Jim Cramer, Host, “Mad Money”

Becky Quick, Co-anchor, “Squawk Box”

Andrew Ross Sorkin, Co-anchor, “Squawk Box”

Joe Kernen, Co-anchor, “Squawk Box”

Sara Eisen, Co-anchor, “Squawk on the Street”

Scott Wapner, Host, “Halftime Report”

Brian Sullivan, Co-anchor “Power Lunch”

Tyler Mathisen, Anchor, “Power Lunch”

Kelly Evans, Co-anchor “Closing Bell”

Bill Griffeth, Co-anchor, “Closing Bell”

Dominic Chu, Markets Reporter

Matt Quayle, Senior EP, “Squawk Box” and “Squawk on the Street”

Sandy Cannold, EP, “Squawk Box”

Todd Bonin, EP, “Squawk on the Street” and “Squawk Alley”

Shannan Siemens, Senior Producer, “Fast Money Halftime Report”

Eric Chemi, Senior Editor-at-large

Regina Gilgan, EP, “Mad Money”

Brian Steel, SVP Public Relations

  • Team CNN:

Alisyn Camerota, Co-Anchor, “New Day”

Ashleigh Banfield, Anchor, “Legal View”

Kate Bolduan, Anchor, “At This Hour”

Don Lemon, Anchor, “CNN Tonight”

Carol Costello, Anchor, “CNN Newsroom”

Erin Burnett, Anchor, “Erin Burnett Outfront”

Bill Weir, Host, “The Wonder List”

Fredricka Whitfield, Anchor, “CNN Newsroom”

Poppy Harlow, Anchor, “CNN Newsroom”

Victor Blackwell, Co-anchor, “CNN New Day Weekend”

Andy Scholes, CNN Sports reporter

Sunny Hostin, Legal Analyst

Susan Candiotti, Correspondent

Chad Myers, Meteorologist

Mary Ann Fox, Regional Newsgathering Director

Megan Rivers, Publicist

  • Team Fox News/Fox Business:

Peter Doocy, Correspondent, FNC

Steve Doocy, Co-host, “Fox and Friends”

Gretchen Carlson, Anchor, “The Real Story”

Kevin Corke, Washington Correspondent

Ainsley Earhardt, Anchor, FNC

Melissa Francis, Anchor, FBN

Charles Payne, Anchor, FBN

Elizabeth MacDonald, Correspondent, FBN

  • Team NBC/MSNBC:

Steve Friedman, EP, “The Cycle”

  • Team PBS:

Ty West, Program Executive, “Charlie Rose: The Week”

  • Team TheBlaze:

Beth Bell, VP Communications

  • Team TVNewser:

Brian Flood, Co-editor, TVNewser