2006: News Divisions Continue To Cover Katrina’s Aftermath

By Brian 

> Aug. 31: TVNewser recaps “a year of Katrina”

> Aug. 29: Harry Smith calls it a “god awful mess”

> Aug. 28: New Orleans is “still broken,” Charles Gibson says

> Aug. 28: Williams became seriously ill in the aftermath of Katrina

> Aug. 28: Cooper: “It’s so easy in cable news to move on to the next thing, and shame on any of us if we let that happen”

> Jun. 21: CNN opens permanent New Orleans bureau on Poydras Street

> May 8: Howard Kurtz in New Orleans: “Journalism’s work here is not done — not by a long shot”

> Apr. 27: On his 11th trip to region, Williams interviews Bush

> Apr. 23: At NAB/RTNDA, reporters reflect on covering the storm

> Apr. 5: CNN and NBC receive Peabody Awards for Katrina coverage

> Mar. 8: Cooper says Katrina “reaffirmed by belief in reporting”

> Mar. 2: Shep Smith spends time in Mississippi

> Feb. 28: CNNers ride aboard Mardi Gras floats

> Feb. 25: The country needs a wake-up call

> Feb. 23 and 24: Lots of Mardi Gras coverage

> Feb. 13: CNN’s Kathleen Koch returns to her hometown for a special, “The Fight for Bay St. Louis”

> Feb. 10: Anderson Cooper gets preachy in New Orleans

> Jan. 26: Brian Williams responds to viewers who are tired of Katrina coverage

> Jan. 23: “Only NBC News clings to the story with an abiding grip,” a local columnist says

> Jan. 23: John Sears becomes CNN’s Gulf Coast bureau chief

> Jan. 12: “It still looks like a war zone,” Shep Smith says