2006: Bye Dan, Hello Katie: Ushering In “A Whole New CBS News”

By Brian 

> Dec. 25: Broadcasting pioneer Frank Stanton dies

> Dec. 22: Couric devotes half the Evening News to an interview with the Mt. Hood widow; some viewers are not happy

> Dec. 14: CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta becomes CBS contributor

> Dec. 11: In November, Couric averaged 169,000 less viewers than Schieffer a year ago

> Dec. 8: CBS revives Person to Person

> Dec. 7: Mitchell is named news anchor for The Early Show

> Dec. 6: Cooper gets his first piece on 60 Min.

> Dec. 5: Friedman is creating “more delineated roles” for Early Show hosts

> Dec. 5: Rene Syler is leaving CBS; she was told Early was “moving in another direction”

> Dec. 4: CBS is up 11 percent in the demo, and that’s “enough to pay Katie’s salary”

> Dec. 4: CBS says the Evening News is being tweaked; “we’re adjusting,” McManus says

> Nov. 28: CBS hires CNN tech whiz Daniel Sieberg

> Nov. 20: McManus says Bradley is irreplaceable; family holds memorial service

> Nov. 14: Rather comments on Couric: “They’re trying to do the Today Show in the evening”

> Nov. 9: Ed Bradley, a “reporter’s reporter” and a “gentle giant,” dies

> Oct. 31: Dave Price re-ups with The Early Show; will he replace Bob Barker?

> Oct. 30: The Early Show gets a new look

> Oct. 24: CBS gets slammed for choosing “lifestyle features” over hard news; days later, the Evening News runs Couric’s long interview with Michael J. Fox

> Oct. 24: The critics come out: “There is no urgency to this broadcast, no bite, no edge and — for the most part — no personality”

> Oct. 18: CBS Evening News gets stuck in third place; lower than Schieffer’s ratings; the net blames low-rated lead-ins

> Oct. 4: freeSpeech ruffles feathers again, when the father of a Columbine victim declares that “this country is in a moral free fall;” by the end of the month, the segment starts to fade away

> Sep. 16: The first freeSpeech flare-up: Bill Maher says he wasn’t free to speak, but CBS denies it

> Sep. 12: Andrew Tyndall says Couric’s EN has less hard news

> Sep. 11: Robert Klug becomes director of 60 Minutes

> Sep. 6: Couric #1 on day one, two, and three; back to third place on Friday; archive of TVNewser coverage

> Sep. 5: She’s on: from Taliban to Suri; with a “plain-spoken” style; call it “30 Minutes”

> Sep. 4: Bracing for Couric’s premiere: CBS expects “big tune-in,” followed by “some drop-off;” the new Evening News is emblematic of “a whole new CBS”

> Aug. 31: Schieffer signs off; Couric says hello; he awkwardly half-hugs McManus

> Aug. 29: Schieffer is at CBS through 2008

> Aug. 24: Walter Cronkite voices the open for Couric’s Evening News

> Aug. 22: A federal judge orders a probe of a leak to CBS

> Aug. 9: Technically in retirement, Wallace interviews “impressive” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran; C-SPAN airs unedited interview

> Aug. 9: Molly Levinson becomes political director

> Aug. 8: Barbara Fedida Brill becomes talent director

> Aug. 7: CBS fires Elizabeth Kaledin and hires Dr. Jonathan LaPook; Kaledin is “heartbroken”

> Aug. 3: CBS announces “freeSpeech”

> Aug. 3: Dozier leaves the hospital; “it’s not pretty, but I’m walking on my own,” she says

> Aug. 2: James Horner creates the new CBS News score

> Jul. 14: Former Dateliner Marc Rosenwasser becomes Evening News senior producer

> Jul. 10: ‘Dan Rather Reports’ will be on HDNet; he promises “independent journalism”

> Jun. 20: “I will do the work I love elsewhere,” Rather says

> Jun. 20: “Dan Rather will leave CBS News;” McManus never met with him; the anger is evident
> Jun. 16: Couric producer Bob Peterson to oversee “look” of CBS broadcasts

> Jun. 15: Rather would like to stay, but CBS is “trying to embarrass him” out the door

> Jun. 1: Dozier “has a very tough and long road ahead of her;” a soldier gives her his purple heart

> May 29: CBS News convoy hits roadside bomb in Iraq; Paul Douglas and James Brolan are killed, Kimberly Dozier is critically injured; archive of TVNewser coverage

> May 23: Are Dan Rather and CBS about to part ways? The rumors get louder

> May 17: Moonves touts 60 Minutes: “We’ve reduced the average age from 85 to 82”

> May 16: For one week, CBS Evening News beats ABC

> May 8: Anderson Cooper cuts deal to contribute to 60 Minutes

> Apr. 25: Paul Friedman becomes #2 at CBS

> Apr. 11: Jennifer Siebens becomes London bureau chief; other bureau changes

> Apr. 11: Black producer files racial discrimination suit

> Apr. 3: Russ Mitchell becomes anchor of Sunday’s Evening News

> Mar. 28: Thanks to Schieffer, the CBS Evening News gains half a million viewers in one quarter

> Mar. 27: Steve Friedman becomes the CBS morning VP

> Mar. 14: Mike Wallace is (mostly) retiring; an “era is coming to a close;” maybe he wasn’t pushed, but he was nudged

> Mar. 9: Bob Schieffer‘s one-year anniversary on EN

> Feb. 15: Armen Keteyian becomes chief investigative correspondent

> Feb. 10: Steve Hartman starts “Assignment America”

> Feb. 2: Promotions for Jim Axelrod, Byron Pitts, and Lara Logan

> Jan. 18: McManus wants to groom a bench of correspondents

> Jan. 18: Sean McManus wants an outsider to anchor the Evening News; he rules out John Roberts

> Jan. 11: Sumner Redstone would love to buy CNN

> Jan. 9: Rome Hartman‘s first day as Evening News EP

> Jan. 7: Positive press: “CBS News is rebounding”