2005: MSNBC Shows Signs Of Life

By Brian 

> Dec. 23: NBCU to acquire a controlling interest in MSNBC; Microsoft slowly backs away from the cable news net, but retains 50 percent interest in MSNBC.com

> Dec. 22: Steve Capus is pleased by MSNBC’s recent strides

> Dec. 15: MSNBC.com names Jennifer Sizemore managing editor

> Dec. 12: MSNBC launches a big online ad campaign

> Dec. 10: Dis-Connected

> Nov. 15: MSNBC cancels weekend entertainment shows and cans Connected

> Nov. 9: Keith Olbermann is “the future of news”

> Nov. 7: Connie Chung and Maury Povich to host Saturday morning show

> Oct. 7: Countdown counts “thirteen coincidences” when terror alerts “just happened” to come at a convenient time for the Bush administration

> Sept. 23: MSNBC.com streams MSNBC during Hurricane Rita

> Sept. 13: Situation EP Bill Wolff becomes MSNBC’s executive in charge of primetime

> Aug. 21: Joe Scarborough considers a Senate run, then declines

> Aug. 12: “Interim primetime coordinator” Bruce Perlmutter leaves MSNBC

> Aug. 10: Kaplan and Olbermann reportedly engage in a newsroom shouting match

> Aug. 8: Rita Cosby Live & Direct premieres

> July 11: Imus is being sued again; MSNBC is a defendant

> June 30: The NYP says NBC is weighing a plan to merge CNBC and MSNBC under one roof; a spokesperson discounts the story

> June 29: OJR says NBC and Microsoft could end their joint venture in 3 to 6 months

> June 21: Chris Jansing begins the Ethical Edge

> June 13: The Situation with Tucker Carlson premieres at 9pm

> May 13: Rita Cosby is promised a primetime anchor spot at MSNBC

> May 1: Drudge says MSNBC WILL be renamed the NBC News Channel

> Apr. 11: MSNBC.com beats CNN.com for the first month

> Mar. 7: Rename it “NBC News Channel!”

> Mar. 3: Microsoft and NBC are in discussions about a deal “that could result in NBC taking full control” of MSNBC, the NYP reports

> Feb. 17: Kaplan’s one-year anniversary as MSNBC president

> Feb. 15: Connected: Coast to Coast premieres at noon and 5pm

> Feb. 7: Imus moves to “cleaner” studios in Secaucus

> Feb. 2: MSNBC officially announces that Tucker Carlson is joining th
e net

> Jan. 14: Deborah Norville signs off from the 9pm time slot

> Jan. 11: MSNBC introduces “Up to the Minutes” newsbreaks

> Jan. 6: MSNBC announces “at the Movies” and “Entertainment Hot List;” an insider says it’s Rick Kaplan’s first attempt to increase weekend viewership

> Jan. 4: Kristine Johnson becomes MSNBC anchor