2005: Fox’s Fourth Year On Top

By Brian 

> Dec. 21: FNC chief Roger Ailes signs five year, $25 million contract

> Dec. 21: Anchor Shep Smith returns to the Gulf Coast

> Nov. 30: Conservative “Journal Editorial Report” moving from PBS to FNC

> Nov. 19: Fox is taking a “patient approach” to Geraldo Rivera‘s sub-par ratings

> Nov. 10: FNC reports 64 percent operating income growth

> Nov. 10: FNC imitates CNN’s Situation Room

> Nov. 8: The EEOC files a lawsuit accusing VP Joe Chillemi of sexual harassment; “This is a case involving bad language,” Fox’s attorney says

> Oct. 31: Geraldo At Large scares viewers on its premiere

> Oct. 31: FNC wants $1 per subscriber from cable ops

> Oct. 28: FNC and Sirius have their first fight

> Oct. 18: XM launching “Fox News Talk” in January 06

> Oct. 18: O’Reilly is thinking about retirement; combating “evil” is hard work

> Oct. 17: FNC exploits crimes on new weekend show The Line Up

> Oct. 6: Dennis Swanson becomes Station Group president; he is expected to focus on local news

> Oct. 4: O’Reilly reups with Westwood One Radio

> Oct. 3: David Shuster slams Fox News; Fox calls Shuster “disgruntled and bitter;” Shuster warns FNC “not to start a battle;” and FNC wishes Shuster well

> Oct. 3: Sharri Berg becomes senior VP of news operations for Fox Stations Group

> Sept. 30: Former war spokesperson Dan Senor hosts “Saddam Hussein on Trial”

> Geraldo Rivera 1, Alessandra Stanley 0: NYT acknowledges there was no nudge

> Sept. 22: Fox announces Geraldo At Large, a “live, first-run strip” for the broadcast network

> Sept. 20: Shep Smith starts anchoring a 5-minute radio newscast

> Sept. 15: John Gibson to host a three-hour radio show

> Sept. 12: FNC cancels “After Hours with Cal Thomas” and “Fox Magazine”

> Sept. 5: In the wake of Katrina, Shep Smith appears on Letterman

> Aug. 26: Terrorism expert John Loftus is booted from FNC after giving out the address of a purported terrorist in California

> Aug. 22: Roger Ailes says CNN’s Sit Room make leave viewers feeling sick (but then he copies the split-screen approach)

> Aug. 16: David Asman trades the anchor desk for the documentary unit

> Aug. 15: Ailes takes charge of the Fox TV Stations Group

> Aug. 11: With 30 percent profits, FNC is “carrying” News Corp’s cable division

> Aug. 2: Following Lachlan Murdoch’s departure: Ailes is interested in improving ties between FNC and the Station Group

> July 27: Shep Smith “says he’d love to do an 11pm newscast for the Fox broadcast network,” TV Guide reports

> July 19: Bill Hemmer joins FNC as anchor/correspondent; Later, Aaron Brown covers Hemmer up

> July 16: FOXNews.com GM Bert Solivan becomes EVP of Fox Interactive Media

> June 22: O’Reilly bans Curt Weldon from the Factor; Congressman Responds on House Floor

> June 14: Geraldo signs a four-year correspondent with FNC and becomes “correspondent at large”

> June 12: Howard Dean calls FNC a “propaganda outlet for the Republican party”

> June 3: FNC downplays the discovery of Deep Throat

> May 31: FNC names Janet Alshouse the senior VP for international distribution; Later, Vipp Jaswal becomes VP

> May 24: Bill O’Reilly and the L.A. Times have a battle

> May 18: Rumors of a Fox broadcast morning show

> May 13: Rita Cosby and FNC part ways

> May 6: FNC plans to at least double its licensing fee

> Apr. 21: O’Reilly loofah accuser Andrea Mackris purchases a condo for $809,000

> Apr. 19: FNC’s first wireless venture: A deal with Sprint streams the net to cell phones

> Apr. 1: Fox’s Shep Smith kills the Pope, then retracts the report

> Mar. 16: FNC forces a newspaper to correct a statement that the net is “consciously biased”

> Mar. 16: Previewing FNC’s carriage-renewal conversations

> Feb. 17: Steve Harrigan’s hotel in the Congo comes under fire; he calls the Foreign Desk and they alert U.N. troops

> Feb. 14: Tony Snow is diagnosed with colon cancer

> Feb. 10: Fox hires staffers for a Fair & Balanced Radio Network

> Feb. 6: Geraldo declares that Michael Jackson is not guilty

> Jan. 25: Ted Turner compares FNC’s popularity to that of Hitler’s; FNC wishes him well

> Jan. 19: Suzanne Scott becomes network executive producer

> Jan. 6: Kevin Magee becomes senior VP of Fox News Radio