20 Memorable TVNewser Headlines

By Brian Comment

Of the 15,000+ headlines on TVNewser, hundreds are eye-opening, ironic, unintentionally funny, or all of the above. As I say goodbye, click continued to read just a few of my favorites…

&middot May 18, 2007: A New Definition of “Exclusive”

&middot Feb. 14, 2007: Anna Nicole Dies: “War? What War?”

&middot Jan. 25, 2007: “On A Lighter Note… Murder!”

&middot Dec. 21, 2006: Is Every TV Critic Liberal And/Or A Registered Democrat? O’Reilly Thinks So

&middot Oct. 3, 2006: Bang The Gong!! 3 ‘Alerts’ In 60 Seconds

&middot Sept. 5, 2006: Katie’s Debut: “Imagine In 6 Months What Ass We’ll Be Kicking,” Hartman Says

&middot Aug. 31, 2006: A Year Of Katrina: Remembering Meserve’s Eye-Opening, Heart-Wrenching Report

&middot Aug. 29, 2006: Katie’s Extreme Makeover

&middot June 21, 2006: Visiting The Fox News ‘Wishing Well’

&middot March 31, 2006: Greta Presents: Diverse People In Peril!

&middot March 24, 2006: Once You Start A Car Chase…

&middot Nov. 28, 2005: “If Katie Couric Is CBS’s Plan A, I Sure Hope They Have A Plan B”

&middot Nov. 3, 2005: Klein Distracted By Big Shiny Ball

&middot Sept. 1, 2005: Katrina: “The City Died Here With Him,” Shep Smith Says

&middot Aug. 8, 2005: Remembering Peter Jennings: 1938 — 2005

&middot March 9, 2005: TVNewser Post Provokes Warning To CNN Employees: “What Is Said In This Meeting Should Not Be Leaked Outside The Co.”

&middot Dec. 10, 2004: O’Reilly: “Nobody Sticks Up For X-Mas Except Me”

&middot Dec. 19, 2004: Will Moonves Court Couric For Evening News?

&middot Oct. 15, 2004: Fake News Anchor Tells CNN Hosts They “Fail Miserably;” Viewers Call It “Magic TV Moment”

&middot May 25: EXCLUSIVE: CNN Developing Broadband Channel