16 Years of Reporting on One Story for CBS’ Erin Moriarty

By Mark Joyella 

Fans of CBS News correspondent Erin Moriarty know she lives and breathes her stories. Moriarty chats with viewers during broadcasts of 48 Hours on Twitter, and this week used Periscope to share a behind-the-scenes preview of her story for tomorrow night–the case of a man who may have been wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to death row.

“I kidnapped no one. I killed no one. I did none of those things,” Crosley Green tells Moriarty in the report. And she believes he may be telling the truth, having uncovered new evidence that could set Green free.

Moriarty has covered Green’s case for 16 years. “This case had been bothering me,” Moriarty told Variety. “I realized that this man had been put on death row, and yet there was no physical evidence at all to tie him to the crime.”

48 Hours: Last Chance for Freedom airs Saturday night at 10pmET on CBS.