16 Hours To Katie… The Female Factor

By Brian 

> Detroit Free Press: “It’s not just about the news; it’s about the realization that women cannot be limited in America. Every woman in America must have the opportunity to do every job…”

> Arizona Daily Star: “Some critics fear the 15-year member of NBC’s ‘Today’ show will offer Saddam Hussein’s kebab marinade recipe on a version of ‘news lite.’ Meanwhile, those familiar with seeing women journalists on the TV nightly wonder what the fuss is all about…”

> Scripps News: “Media scrutiny will likely flourish in its analysis of her clothing, perkiness level, and whether she exuded the appropriate level of gravitas…”

> Chicago Tribune: “What matters is her authenticity. The media should give her the space to prove her mettle without judging her based on old blueprints or trite superficialities…”