11 Hours To Katie… Morning Papers

By Brian 

> Philadelphia Inquirer: “That $15 mil-a-year paycheck ought to be enough to ease opening-night jitters…”

> Louisville Courier-Journal: “The last time that the CBS Evening News was firmly in first place in the ratings was in the 1980s. The next time could be starting tonight…”

> Los Angeles Times editorial: “This all-Katie-all-the-time routine is emblematic of what it means today to be a network news anchor…”

> Minneapolis Star Tribune: “The most revolutionary new factor with the evening news, though, isn’t about gender. It’s about technology…”

> South Florida Sun-Sentinel: “She’s tanned, she’s rested, she’s ready. OK, that’s a remnant from the Nixon era, but it also applies to Katie Couric…”

> Denver Post: “(Voice-of-God anchor): Tonight, whither the network evening news? Is broadcast journalism dead, and what would Edward R. Murrow say?…”

> Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “Whatever the newscast turns out to be tonight, it won’t likely remain that way…”

> Times-Picayune: “Couric and CBS aren’t reinventing the wheel tonight, but for the network news business she’s the embodiment of flashy new rims…”

> Newsday: “You-know-who starts tonight. Should we all stand up and cheer, or roll over and go back to sleep?…”