0.0 All Weekend For CNBC

By Brian 

> Update: 2:32pm: A CNBC spokesperson responds to the post:

“CNBC does not even open for business on the weekends until 7 p.m. – all programming prior to that are informercials, which have no editorial connection to the network. It is incredibly unfair and misleading to report on CNBC’s full day weekend ratings when two-thirds of Saturday and Sunday are paid programming. As you correctly mention, the CNBC programming that does air on the weekend (in primetime) averaged a 0.1, and did not scratch.

Typically CNBC is not even rated prior to 7pm on the weekends, but a temporary adjustment was made recently to accommodate Winter Olympic programming that will air on CNBC in February.”

Some days I feel sorry for CNBC. Today is one of those days: The network scratched all weekend — in total day both Saturday and Sunday — and managed only a 0.1 in primetime.

(First, all the caveats: CNBC is a business news net; it airs infomercials and reruns on the weekends; Nielsen does an awful job counting its affluent viewers.)

But still: In total day, the channel averaged a 0.0 on Saturday and a 0.0 on Sunday. It had 49,000 total viewers, 19,000 demo viewers and 40,000 households on Saturday, and did a little worse on Sunday, with 36,000 total viewers, 16,000 demo viewers, and 37,000 households. The network delivered a 0.1 in primetime both days.

When was the last time the network scratched all weekend?…