YouTube Adds 4,000 Free Episodes of TV Shows

By Jason Lynch 

Look out, Pluto TV and Tubi. YouTube is now offering free, ad-supported TV shows on its platform as it looks like compete more directly with FAST (free, ad-supported streaming TV) streamers, and capture even more of the ad dollars in that space.

For the first time, YouTube has rolled out more than 4,000 episodes of TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen, alongside the 1,500 free, ad-supported moves already on the platform. As many as 100 new TV titles will be added each week.

Currently, YouTube offers select season from a variety of classic and more recent shows like Scream Queens, Father Knows Best, Unsolved Mysteries, The Carol Burnett Show, Bonanza, Greatest American Hero and 21 Jump Street.


Those shows join 1,500 movies on the platform, including Runaway Bride, Legally Blonde and Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Alongside the new titles, YouTube’s platform also features a new viewing experience, including streamlined navigation.

While YouTube has featured full-length movies for free with ads since 2018, this is the first time the platform has expanded to include TV episodes.