You’ll Be Able to Shop the Pepsi Halftime Show This Year

By Karen Fratti 

Delivery Agent logo 304x200You can shop the Super Bowl this year, thanks to Delivery Agent. During the Pepsi Halftime show, four exclusive, limited edition Katy Perry products will be unveiled for viewers to buy across various platforms.

Last year, Delivery Agent had a trial run with an H&M commercial during the game. This year, they’re going all out in what CEO Mike Fitzsimmons calls a “transformative…360 degree experience.”

According to their statement, you can shop the products via:

  • Twitter: As one of Twitter’s “Buy Now” launch partners, Delivery Agent will shop-enable tweets sent by brand and platform partners.
  • Samsung: Fans viewing via a connected Samsung Smart TV can use their remote control to shop synchronously with the Halftime Show.
  • Roku: Fans can visit the ShopTV app, newly launched on Roku devices, to shop via remote during and after the game.
  • Shazam: Delivery Agent will power commerce for Shazam, enabling fans to purchase contextual products when they Shazam music from the halftime show.
  • YouTube: Videos on the Katy Perry Vevo YouTube channel will be enabled for click-to-buy commerce.

It’s just the four products for the shop-able Halftime show, which Fitzsimmons tells Lost Remote will be in the apparel and accessories category.

In addition to Samsung TVs, the t-commerce experience will also be connected with LG televisions. It’s a leap and a bound from one, single H&M commercial for mens underwear. This is a whole new expanded, which Fitzimmons attributes to the technology and culture finally catching up with one another. He says:

We built our initial technology, which is sort of future proofed, with a vision that this would all connect. A year ago, Twitter didn’t have a buy button, we didn’t have a buy button YouTube, we weren’t enabled on Roku or LG devices. When you think about the high level of [connectivity], it’s all just connecting and converging.  Maybe next year, you can press a button on your watch and purchase. Who knows?

The most-watched event of the year is really all about the ads (sorry, sports fans). And with interactive half-time shows, the Super Bowl becomes just one giant consumer experience. If we aren’t purchasing from our watches next year, we may be ordering test drives of new BMWs during their ad.

“It’s a great testament to where the world is going, and you can see where this is going in the connected home,” Fitzsimmons says.

“We continue to invest really hard in this ecosystem, and it’s a really complicated ecosystem, between Samsung and Pepsi [and all of the brands]. A lot goes into it…It’s a fun time for us. ” he says.

Shopping, eating wings, and watching football? That’s the American Dream. Now, can we make a shoppable Doritos commercial? Because I would be all about that.