You Can Uber the Iron Throne This Week

By Karen Fratti 

HBO will stop at nothing to promote “Game of Thrones” or offering fans a chance to sit on the Iron Throne. This week, the throne is making its way around New York City in a partnership with Uber. If you’re in Manhattan April 16 or 17th, you can open your Uber app and request that the throne come to you for a photo session or you can actually get a ride in the “Game of Thrones” pedicab.

The trucks are already stopping at some offices for press photos, like this one snapped by Sawhorse Media SVP Natan Edelsburg, when it stopped by his office this morning.


The pedicab rides also serve to advertise HBO Now, which is plastered on the sides, and as they analogize rather ridiculously in the press release:

Just like Uber will bring the Iron Throne directly to New Yorkers, HBO Now provides instant access to the very best HBO content, allowing anyone with an internet connection to view every episode of every season of the best of HBO’s award-winning original programming and exclusive hit movies.

Fans can post their photos with the pedicab using the hashtag #RideOfThrones.