Which brands were talked about the most on Mad Men

By Natan Edelsburg 

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 10.51.22 PMMad Men is currently in it’s off season as the first half of the last season recently finished. Now that the dust has settled over reactions to the finale, we partnered with Kontera to take a look at the brands that were part of Mad Men’s storylines this season (both the real and fake ones).  Here’s an analysis over which brands were discussed the most.

Background on the research:
The 2014 finale for Mad Men was pretty active on the brand front. Ted Chaough in an act that was somehow more self destructive than Don’s Hershey’s speech last season, took some Sunkist executives in his plane and decided to turn the engine temporarily off in-flight. Lou Avery announced that Philip Morris took the cigarette account off the table. Burt Cooper dies which sets into motion a series of events where Roger tries to talk McCann Erickson into buying the agency, as a way to stop Jim Cutler from taking over, with their presumed ability to land Buick seen as the linchpin to that deal.
Additionally Don and Peggy flew to the big Burger Chef meeting, and when it looked like Jim Cutler finally had the numbers to push Draper out of the agency, Don gave the pitch to Peggy to deliver, which she knocked out of the park with a Carousel like performance.
 Summary of the findings:
  • The week of May 20th, Burger Chef already had the most real-time Mad Men related Tweets around an episode this season, and with another strong Don-Peggy storyline, this week Burger Chef eclipsed that previous high with more than 4 times as many real-time Tweets.
  • In the two hours since the final episode began, Buick had 13% as many Mad Men related real-time Tweets, McCann Erickson had 3% as many, and Sunkist has 2% as many Mad Men related real-time Tweets.
  • Hardee’s only had 0.5% as many Mad Men related Tweets as Burger Chef, indicating while Burger Chef is getting a huge lift from the earned Mad Men mentions; the association isn’t carrying over to the brand that acquired Burger Chef to a significant amount.
  • There were 22,000 Tweets around Mad Men, in the 2 hours since the Mad Men episode began, with consumption peaking 10 minutes after the episode finished as people processed Burt’s death, Peggy’s big victory, and Burt’s  posthumous dance number.
  • While that was more Twitter activity than in recent weeks, it still fell short of the the season premiere which had 19,000 in the first hour after the episode began alone.
  • This indicates a slight erosion of interest in the show over the course of the 7 week half season.