Westworld Poised to Take Game of Thrones Fans

By Karen Fratti 

The premiere of HBO’s newest drama, Westworld captivated viewers on Sunday nights, collecting new fans, tweet by tweet. According to Amobee Brand Intelligence, there were 29,000 tweets around the hashtag #Westworld, with Twitter sentiment around the hashtag being 25 percent positive.  That’s a lot of social chatter. The #GameofThrones hashtag during the season 6 finale drove 392,000tweets. If Westworld stays good, it might see some of the same results in a few seasons.

Some more top level data:

  • 46 percent of all digital content engagement around Westworld  directly mentioned Game of Thrones, so it looks like HBO was successful in creating the right content for the right viewers.
  • But Game of Thrones still reigns. Overall, 18 percent of all HBO Now digital content engagement has been Game of Thrones related while 12 percent of all HBO Now digital content engagement on Sunday was been Westworld related.

Of course, that isn’t a direct comparison to subscriptions to the OTT service, but it’s a good indicator that fans are ready for a new obsession and that they might purchase the subscription just to get their fix.