Virgin River Season 4 Premieres July 20 on Netflix

By Jessica Lerner 

Get your bags pack, folks. We’re heading back to Virgin River this summer.

Netflix has announced Season 4 of the titular series will premiere July 20 with 12 hour-long episodes.

When we last saw Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) in 2021 with one whopper of a cliffhanger, she was telling Jack (Martin Henderson) that she was pregnant but unsure of whether or not he was the father or her deceased husband Mark. Season 4 will see Mel and Jack still wrestling with that uncertainty, with Mel choosing to be grateful for finally getting to become a mother. However, things become complicated when a handsome doctor, who is looking to raise a family of his own, moves to town.


Meanwhile, Hope (Annette O’Toole) is still recovering from the car accident she had at the end of Season 3, as well as dealing with the aftereffects of psychological trauma.

Brie is determined to prove Brady’s innocence, but she finds herself unexpectedly drawn closer to Mike and a step closer to Calvin’s vicious criminal web. And even when Preacher forms a new romantic relationship, he can’t help but wish to see Christopher and Paige again.

Virgin River has already been renewed for a fifth season.

Since the launch of Virgin River in 2019, fans have learned about Mel as she relocates to a small remote town in Northern California in the hopes of a new start. As she continues to discover, small-town life has its own set of problems and secrets, and healing must always begin within.