USA Launches Louis Litt 2048 Companion Game for ‘Suits’ Season 4

By Adam Flomenbaum 

unnamedUSA has successfully launched companion games tied to its popular series ‘Suits,’ and is continuing the trend this season with ‘Suits 2048: Litt Up Cat Edition.’  The game is a variation on the popular open-source game 2048 using but features cat-loving ‘Suits’ character Louis Litt.

To date, the game has generated two million-plus page views and the average user spends about 30 minutes playing the game. USA also posted the game link on Facebook and the post has received over 10,000 likes a thousand-plus shares.

USA has also launched a weekly on-air social game, ‘Suits Live,’ available during the episode via desktop, mobile and tablet devices.  The game challenges fans to show off their series and character knowledge for a chance to see their names included in the on-air leaderboard and win prizes.

For more on USA’s strategy behind companion games and its social TV strategy for this season of ‘Suits,’ we spoke with USA’s Jeffrey Kaufman, SVP Digital, and Colleen Mohan, SVP Marketing.

Lost Remote: Why create a game for a TV show? 

Jeffrey Kaufman:  We’ve had success with our immersive games including ‘Suits Recruits’ and we also wanted to add some quick play options for our fans to engage with.  We know ‘Suits’ fans love Louis Litt and one of his more endearing – and somewhat amusing – character traits is his obsession with cats.  Given how popular cats are on the internet, it seemed like the perfect storm of game qualities.  So, we took a beloved character and a shared love of cats and infused it into an already addictive game to create something novel and really rewarding for ‘Suits’ fans.

LR: Why is it so addicting?

Kaufman:  The mechanics of 2048 are inherently addictive, and its open-source nature lends itself to customization.   It’s a chance to fuse a very one-on-one connection while also being part of the social conversation in a viral way.  We knew we were on to something when people starting posting screen shots of their completed games to the ‘Suits’ Facebook page.  This game is a micro example of the macro goal we always have, which is allow users to create a real sense of personal connection and deeper engagement with our shows and with our brand.

LR: What’s the social TV strategy for this season of Suits? How is it different from past years?

Colleen Mohan: Our ‘Suits’ fans have a deep connection and love for the characters, and our social TV touch points immerse them deeper into the series while also celebrating their loyalty and passion.  This season, as the characters find themselves at odds, now that Mike has left the firm for investment banking, our fans are being called upon to declare their allegiance to #TeamHarvey or #TeamMike.