TV reporter rewards her 20,000 Twitter followers

By Cory Bergman 

KIRO-TV traffic reporter Jenni Hogan has more Twitter followers than anyone else in local television, and she works for it. Just take a look at her Twitter account, which is packed full of upbeat replies (“hugsicles?”) to people across Seattle. Now over 20,000 Twitter followers strong, Hogan is just a couple thousand away from @seattletimes on Twitter, the market’s most-followed Twitter news account.

When Hogan received her 20,000th Twitter follower a few days ago, she rewarded the woman with a package of goodies, including a complimentary spa day. “I just figured it out!!” the woman tweeted when she discovered she won. “Bawling tears of joy!!”

But that wasn’t all. Hogan also came up with gifts for her other 19,999 followers, tying it into a KIRO-TV marketing effort. They gave away a free download of Chris Pirillo‘s book “140 Twitter Tips” and a KIRO-TV shopping bag, which she handed out at the TV station. And KIRO-TV and Hogan are also putting out a series of video tips from some Twitter pros. Social marketing at its best.