TV networks see record breaking traffic to websites during election night

By Natan Edelsburg 

Just about a year ago, Lost Remote’s Cory Bergman pointed out that TV sites should turn into second screens. A year later, TV networks have taken this advice and are now seeing record breaking results to their main dot coms. Election night was proof of that and here’s why.

Leading up to the election TV networks went above and beyond to use social and on election night the symbiotic relationship proved to be essential for their coverage. Now networks are reporting on the record breaking numbers to their websites that resulted in them treading their websites as a second screen.

CNN breaks four year traffic record:

“On Tuesday, November 6, 2012 broke four-year traffic records by delivering 203 million page views and reaching more than 23 million unique visitors.” Also, “ delivered nearly 6 million video starts and 382,000 live streams for Election Day 2012.” This was according to Omniture Site Catalyst. CNN’s social TV strategy paid off, especially how they leveraged their site for real time live blogging.

According to Sysomos, “with 24,000 mentions, CNN was the most cited TV news brand in measured social media yesterday,” referring to election day. secures highest viewership ever:

“According to Omniture figures, secured its highest viewership EVER in its 16-years history with over 28 million visits to the site, up 95% since the 2008 election.” Also,” maintained over 1 million concurrent site visits for 4 consistent hours (8pm-12am/ET)– again speaking to the loyal viewers and users that FNC has in that they stay on the site for extended periods of time.”

Clearly, Fox News’ partnership with Twitter paid off and their digital team made sure to turn their website into the real-time platform that it should be.


Let us know in the comments if there are any other TV network website successes from election night.