Turner Launches TNT Go in Latin America

By Karen Fratti 

Turner-Canais-AbertosTurner Broadcasting is making a foray into the Latin American market with a new OTT streaming service powered by IBM and Kaltura called TNT Go.

They launched it this week with a live-stream of the Oscars telecast. Authenticated viewers can watch live television and on-demand programming in both Spanish and Portuguese and is available on mobile devices as well. Ron Yekutiel, CEO of Kaltura said in a statement that:

We are truly honored to have been chosen by such a global powerhouse in the media industry to power their next generation multi-device over-the-top TV experience. We are excited to provide to Turner and their audience a joint solution together with our strategic partner, IBM.  In the spirit of the Academy Award ceremony – the Cloud TV Oscar goes to…IBM and Kaltura, for providing the best OTT TV Platform on top of the best Cloud infrastructure.

While it’s always about the technology, it’s also noteworthy that Spanish language viewers are having all of the OTT fun as media companies use the market to test the waters. Turner joins DirectTV in the market, which recently launched Yaveo, a Hulu of sorts for Spanish language programming. Question: does this mean there are “Law and Order” marathons in Spanish? Because that’s some language immersion I could get into.